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Shodo Design Lab.
[ Location ] Tokyo  
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Hello, I'm Shodo Design Lab.
We are working as a calligrapher, graphic designer.
Major projects are making art work, nameplate to companies and design stores logo etc.
We have a wide range of our available.

Character only of your request 5,000 yen-
Logo design 30,000yen-
**Depends on the size and delivery form.

If you have any problem, please feel free to ask me.
Best Regards,

Shodo Design Lab.

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Thick 100.0%
Thin 0.0%
Round 100.0%
Square 0.0%
Graze 0.0%
Dynamic 100.0%

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KAISHO 0.0 %
SOUSHO 0.0 %
REISHO 100.0 %
TENSHO 0.0 %
JIYUSHO 100.0 %

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