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About Favorites feature

About Favorites feature

"The Favorite feature" is material worried about and the function that can memorize purchase planned material as a list temporarily.

The listed materials can be viewed at any time later. And it is very useful to the study in comparison with other materials and the absence of time.
In addition, there is a function to "generate a material summary page" and generates a URL in a favorite page and can share listed material with other PCs and users.

*Since information is memorized on Cookie, it becomes each PC and a list of browsers.

 How to use Favorites

  • Add a material to a Favorite list

    Click the star mark() at the upper right of a material, and add a material to a Favorite list.

    *The color of the star mark turns into yellow() when list it to a Favorite.

  • See Favorites

    Please click "the favorite" of the header to confirm the material which your registered.

  • Remove the Favorite material

    Please click the star() in the upper right material. If you want to remove all of the material in the list, please delete it by clicking the "Clear all the favorite" in the Favorites page.

  • The conclusion page of a material is generated

    Please click the "generate a material summary page" in the Favorites page.
    URL of the page that summarizes the material listed is generated.
    You can see favorite material from other PCs and users by accessing this URL.

*My Favorite material is recorded in the region of each browser cookies. Note that if you clear the cookies, registered in the favorite material will be reset.


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