You can download the Japanese words calligraphy design that can be used for brochures, flyers, invitations, and more.

Agreement for use

The written character is taken into digital data by the ink brush "Mojinomoto" (henceforth this site) and it is Basically paid and the service site as Web and the material of the medium besides DTP that can be downloaded.
When the material data is downloaded on this site, it is considered by the following agreement for uses that it was agreed.
The downloaded material data can be used within the range of use of this rule.

Article 1 [ character material/right ]
The ink brush material treated on this site is what the calligrapher or we (henceforth calligrapher partner) registered have opened it to the public.
Writing/intellectual property right of the character material belongs to our company or the author (calligrapher partner). There is no change in the right after it processes it by the user of the retouch of the character material.
Article 2 [ download/payment ]
Please prepare a browser and the Internet line environment. Necessary for download on the user side.
Some of the text materials on this site require payment to download. Prices vary depending on size and type, so please check the actual price on the material details screen or cart page before making payment. For payment methods, we offer credit card payment using the external service Hiso PAY.JP. Moreover, URL only for download will be transmitted to the mail address appropriating input when settling it after the settlement is confirmed by me, and specify the one that it is possible to receive it surely for the mail address, please. Please set mail from "" to the reception permission when you do the filter of the domain refusal.Please prepare the software to use the downloaded material data (JPG file, PNG file, and EPS file) on the user side of each one.
Article 3 [ range of use of material ]
The character material regularly downloaded can be used the individual /businessuse/ not be asked.
However, because the commercial value of a selling item (such as a key holder in the form of its brush character) whose main character is the brush character comes out from the brush character itself, it is judged to be a secondary sale of the work and prohibited We are. (It is OK if it is part of the design)
An example of the range of use of text material is listed below.

<use example of Web medium>

  • site design (background, title, and menu, and more.)
  • Material such as advertising banners
  • Thumbnail icon registration of avatar etc of Web service

<Use example in printing media>

  • A part of title etc. of design of handbill/material.
  • Business card design
  • Postcard design of New Year's card.
  • Part of the original goods design
  • Design of CD/DVD label and jacket

<other use examples>

  • Title / Label Design of In-house Products
  • Words and messages for signs and banners.
  • Is the processing used as PC and cellular phone's wall paper.
  • Design material for presentation.
In addition, in case of using TV, DVD / BluRay or other video media, please inform us of the details of broadcasting / publishing media.
Article 4 [ prohibited matter ]
The following uses are held with the prohibition. Please check it before you use.
When it is violated or the ransom is claimed, and pay use the attention of the best, please.
  • The second distribution and sales that center on material character.
  • Original design goods' design(for sales) *Not for sales are no problem.
  • Act of violating right of character material or act that might be violated.
  • Act of offending public order and morals
  • Act of obstructing management of illegal use for all contents including character material in this site and this site service
  • Analyze of data of material data/re-assembly.
  • Open it to the public to the place where the third party can easily download the material data file.
  • Displaying material data in the output of machine learning.
  • Using material data as training data for image generation models.
  • Additionally, act judged that this site is improper.

*In that case, please acknowledge that we do not take part at all though there is a method of taking the calligrapher partner's special permission directly beforehand to use it by all means exceeding the range of use on this site.

Article 5 [ returned goods and repayment ]
Returned goods and the repayment cannot be able to accept the character material data downloaded on this site.
It downloads again if it is this period even when the file has been damaged by the reason such as cutting of the line while downloading it because there is a period when download is possible from purchase for one month and relieve, please.
Article 6 [ exemption matters ]
  1. It is assumed the one that it doesn't assume the responsibility of the accuracy of the trouble or information that occurs because of contents or service in this site at all.
  2. We assume the compensation obligation of the damage that occurs based on any cause as service cannot be correctly provided by breaking down and maintaining the server computer and the line management to provide this site service to be the one not owed at all.
  3. The complaint and the claim by user's this violation of the rule and user's writing are assumed to be the one solved by user's cost and responsibility.
  4. We assume damage because of the contents falsification in this site by unlawful computer access and computer virus to be the one that it doesn't assume the responsibility at all.
  5. It is assumed the one that it doesn't assume the responsibility for the dispute that occurs between the user and the calligrapher partner at all.
  6. It is assumed the one that the control of access and the download limitation might be done about the user who judges that it violates this rule we unjustified.
  7. This site service management is stopped temporarily or might be discontinued by inevitability such as irregular execution or regular/disaster/event/accident of the maintenance check and the maintenance of the server computer, the line, and the equipment that hangs to it. When the user damages by these reasons, We assume the one that it doesn't assume the responsibility at all.
Article 7 [ about request ]
If you have a desired character you want to add to the list, material in this site, you will be able to request a free calligraphy.
However, it is not guaranteed. Please think what is referred as one of the reference when calligrapher create a new material calligraphy.
It is also open to the public material that was requested, Other users can to buy, too.
In addition, I will post your request calligraphy reflected in the list after a request by the Secretariat review the contents.
Please note that it is determined that such letter words and lyrics to work with others, the Secretariat should not be dismissed because it is clearly posted.
Article 8 [ individual request (order made) ]
The form (henceforth order made form) to be able to transmit the request mail of the material making individually to the calligrapher partner directly is prepared on this site. The order made form becomes use of seeing as a means first time of user's contacting to the calligrapher partner. Please note that the delivery of goods and the payment of the charge are included, everything becomes the communication between persons concerned after that, and we doesn't assume the responsibility at all.
Article 9 [ about suspension or termination ]
Our site service, We may suspend or terminate without notice.
I will endeavor to make the advance notice as possible, and proceeds rapidly.
If the damage occurs in the suspension or termination of service our customers by our secretariat We are not responsible for any.
Please be forewarned.
Article 10 [ revision of rule ]
This rule might be revised without a prior report.
Article 11 [ jurisdiction ]
The proper law that hangs to this rule is assumed to be a Japanese method.
When the dispute is caused among the user and us in relation to this service, the Sendai district court is made the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial.
Last updated date: April 12, 2024
Copyright Mojinomoto kazaoki-lab.


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