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FAQ : About payment

[ About payment ]

Are there settlement methods other than PAY.JP?
We are sorry, but at this time we do not have payment methods other than PAY.JP.
*Payment via PayPal is no longer supported.
After order payment, E-mail the download page is listed does not arrive.
In general, email immediately after payment of PAY.JP, describing the download page will be sent.
If you do not receive an email even after several days, please consider the possibility of following.

•CASE1 : They've allocated to the trash and junk mail BOX
May have been judged as spam by your email provider side.
Please check your e-mail box on a browser.

•CASE2 : The email address you entered is incorrect
Please contact me from the contact form.
After identification, I will cancel the order processing time. Then, please order again with the correct email address.

CASE1 is happening very much.
Before you buy, please be sure to set allow the e-mail addresses.
Receive an e-mail address to allow?
May be treated as junk e-mail If you do not set the receiver permission.
Please check how to set the allow received from the following link.

» Allow the e-mail addresses received
« FAQ list


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